Dakota Action Rocket

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The Dakota Action Rocket is an advertising publication that is distributed as part of 17 weekly newspapers serving a 16-county area of southcentral South Dakota. The Rocket was established as a common supplement to the weekly newspapers in 1971 to provide extended coverage to advertisers in the region. Today the Dakota Action Rocket is the largest common supplement in South Dakota, reaching more than 50,000 readers. It is a particularly popular and effective publication in the agriculture community and for auctions of all types. It includes both display and word ads. A detailed map of the primary circulation area showing the towns with member newspapers is printed below.

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Placing an ad in the Dakota Action Rocket is as simple as contacting any of the participating newspapers listed below.

All advertising rates are the same, regardless of where the ad is placed or which newspaper you work with.

Receiving the Dakota Action Rocket is as simple as subscribing to one of the weekly newspapers that is a member of the Dakota Action Rocket.


(Papers Are Listed Alphabetically)

Armour Chronicle

Box 129, Armour, SD 57313

Telephone: 1-605-724-2747

[email protected]

Aurora County Standard

Box 216, White Lake, SD 57383

Telephone: 1-605-207-0029

[email protected]

Central Dakota Times

Box 125, Chamberlain, SD 57325

Telephone: 1-605-234-0266

[email protected]

Corsica Globe

Box 45, Corsica, SD 57328

Telephone: 1-605-946-5489

[email protected]

Delmont Record

Box 129, Armour, SD 57313

Telephone: 1-605-724-2747

[email protected]

Freeman Courier

Box 950, Freeman, SD 57029

Telephone: 1-605-925-7033

[email protected]

Gregory Times-Advocate

Box 378, Gregory, SD 57533

Telephone: 1-605-835-8089

[email protected]

Hutchinson Herald

Box 537, Menno, SD 57045

Telephone: 1-605-387-5158

[email protected]

Platte Enterprise

Box 546, Platte, SD 57369-0546

Telephone: 1-605-337-3101

[email protected]d.net

Parkston Advance

Box J, Parkston, SD 57366

Telephone: 1-605-928-3111

[email protected]

Scotland Journal

Box 388, Scotland, SD 57059

Telephone: 1-605-583-4419

[email protected]

Springfield Times

Box 465, Springfield, SD 57062

Telephone: 1-605-369-2441

[email protected]

Stickney Argus

Box 37, Stickney, SD 57375

Telephone: 1-605-207-0029

[email protected]

Tripp Star-Ledger

Box D, Tripp, SD 57376

Telephone: 1-605-928-3111

[email protected]

Tyndall Tribune and Register

Box 520, Tyndall, SD 57066

Telephone: 1-605-589-3242

ttri[email protected]

Wagner Post

Box 187, Wagner, SD 57380

Telephone: 1-605-384-5616

[email protected]

Winner Advocate

Box 71, Winner, SD 57580

Telephone: 1-605-842-1481

[email protected]